Time Studio 3: Play

In Time Studio 3, students become versed in those considerations that arise when designing for playful and delightful interactions with objects like social interfaces, games and toys. Play is fundamental to the human experience and occurs in every culture and as such it is now appearing in nearly every digital interaction. Interaction design shows up various ways in these domains, and the students' instincts and sensitivities will be expanded to encompass the new and different considerations resulting from new infrastructures that are making the interactive world more playful, connected, mobile and social. Games and play come in many forms, including variations in the roles of participants, the purpose of play, pedagogical stances, and levels of engagement - exposure to and appreciation of the myriad facets of gaming and play are critical when approaching course projects. In addition, the tools and analysis methods that students' will need when they apply their Interaction Design skills in this arena will be exercised. The sequence of individual and group projects in this course will enable students to tailor their course experience in ways that match their goals - from designing board games to simple video games to location-specific mobile experiences with handhelds.