IxD InterStudio: Adv Vis IxD

In these cross-disciplinary studios we explore the different materials, advanced topics, and domains that Interaction Design might involve. To the different disciplines we bring a method of application and the material of time design and the memory and interactivity of technology. Courses in this studio can be fulfilled by a variety of options including cross-listed courses with other departments, Engage studios, or an emerging topic defined by a faculty member, sponsored studio or other elective submitted by the student and approved by the program chair.

Building on students' strong visual design foundation, this course will focus on how the visual design of interactive products and services mediates how people interact with them. We will explore three key themes: 1) Intent, expectation and tone (how the visual design of a product or service experience is the voice that establishes what the opportunities for interacting are, how to engage with them, and what we should expect when we do so); 2) Visual systems and scalability (how to develop visual design systems that support patterns of interaction across more than one product or service environment); 3) Influencing emotions (how aesthetic and interaction decisions for a product or service experience support desired emotional responses). Students are expected to have a working knowledge of color, grid, image and type. Students will be expected to work from sketches through to high fidelity, with an emphasis on screen-based interactions, and have the knowledge of tools to do so (Photoshop, Illustrator, and screen-based prototyping). We will create beautiful work, sweat the details, discourage conforming to a single style, and be always committed to interactions that work well.