Ixd Interstudio: Selfless Des

In these cross-disciplinary studios we explore the different materials, advanced topics, and domains that Interaction Design might involve. To the different disciplines we bring a method of application and the material of time design and the memory and interactivity of technology. Courses in this studio can be fulfilled by a variety of options including cross-listed courses with other departments, Engage studios, or an emerging topic defined by a faculty member, sponsored studio or other elective submitted by the student and approved by the program chair.

Altruism is a hallmark of the best design. This studio-based design class focuses on cultivating the selfless abilities necessary to be a successful designer. Course work will include weekly exercises and longer self-defined projects designed to build creative confidence, intuition, motivation, empathy, teamwork and fulfillment in the service of others. Specific emphasis will be placed on strengthening skills of creative perception through improvisation, self-reflection,rapid-prototyping, and critique. We will learn to identify projects that are worthy of effort and build a supportive environment to collectively make sure they succeed.