Meet the Chairs

Meet Marilyn da Silva

I am pleased to be the chair of the Jewelry / Metal Arts Program at California College of the Arts. Our program has a long and distinguished history. The studio is based at the historic Oakland campus and is a busy and exciting place to be.

I am constantly inspired by the innovative and creative approaches of our students, who seem to revel in the challenges presented to them in our courses and soak up the information provided in the curriculum.

Our BFA and MFA graduates demonstrate their strength in design, concept, and technical skills in their thesis exhibitions.

The Jewelry / Metal Arts faculty is a diverse and talented group of artists that comprises professional artists as well as teachers.

Also, we have hosted well-known international artists who have shared their insights and abilities with our students.

Meet Curtis Arima

I enjoy constantly moving through challenges to achieve steady progress. I enjoy things that develop more fully through practice, repetition, and innovation. I am thrilled by taking basic things and transforming them into something that holds meaning, emotion, and/or experience.

This is why I am drawn things in my life that I can be never fully master. Metalsmithing, teaching, practicing Ashtanga Yoga, making my own body and hair products, brew beer, baking bread, cooking time-consuming meals, gardening, and sewing.

Curtis H. Arima is a Metalsmith who focuses on making jewelry and sculpture in his Berkeley, California studio. He earned his BFA from CCAC and MFA from Cranbrook Academy. He has exhibited and speaks about his work nationally and internationally.