GE: Activism to Urbanism

GE: From Activism to Active Urbanism - Tactical Urban Interventions as Long-Term Planning Tools In cities across the globe, temporary and bottom-up interventions for the activation of public space are proliferating. Generally reactive in nature, such interventions occur in response to urban vacancies and underused areas. Beginning as activist appropriations of city space by artists, designers, architects and locals, these short-term tactics have also become catalysts with their effects on the city space reaching well beyond their life-time and locale. In the context of the broad interest in, and application of, tactical urban interventions in cities in North America and Europe, this seminar will focus on the dynamics of the longer-term potentials of temporary design strategies, and their integration as active (rather than reactive) long-term planning tools. Open to all graduate students, especially those interested in working with public space, the class will examine case study strategies ranging from Park(ing) Day and Proxy SF, to Raumlabor and Studio UC?s Dynamic Masterplan for Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, developing comparative visual techniques for the analysis of physical conditions, temporal processes, the programmatic and spatial nature of the tactical response, as well as collaborative and curatorial models for their development, stakeholder networks, legislative frameworks, and the redefinition of the role of the designer in the process - culminating in a collective visual catalogue of existing and potential models for short-term tactics activating urban space within longer-term planning processes. The seminar will be supported by presentations and guest lectures on current practices, and will be accompanied by weekly reading discussions and short writing assignments of relevant spatial theory and key texts of the evolving discourse of tactical urbanism.