BT: Creative Proj Management

This 3 credit seminar course will focus on the skills and methods of bringing architectural design work and other creative projects into the stages of full physical realization. Our seminar group will work together as a project team to design, plan, and prototype an open-source machine/structure to address essential infrastructure needs for developing economies and post-disaster recovery operations. Through this applied case study, seminar members will participate in the project realization from the point of view of information modeling, physical modeling, scheduling, budgeting, communication, documentation, and project management. Through readings, presentations, and field trips, the students will become familiar with the structures and vocabularies of Integrated Project Delivery and Building Information Modeling, and will explore emerging concepts of project management and project delivery in the architecture and construction industry, with an emphasis on understanding and utilizing web-based project collaboration systems to coordinate the work of diverse and geographically distributed project teams. There are no specific prerequisites except for enthusiasm, and we hope to have a broad range of background skills and interests to fill out the various team requirements.