GE: Beyond 1%

Beyond 1% Public Art / Architectural Space / Collective Effects Increasingly within '1% for the arts' projects, collaborations between artists and architects are blurring distinctions between disciplines and producing spatial art for public interaction. More and more, these projects become art/architecture hybrids, deeply linked to artistic content, perceptual effects, and precise spatial/material definition. Being produced are contemporary interpretations of existing art/architecture typologies, but also new and innovative approaches, formats, and art/architectural space within in the public realm. Open to all graduate students, and especially those interested in working with public space, this seminar will explore current art/architecture trajectories within public art projects. Through readings, presentations, and discussion, the class will build a foundation for the linage of art/architecture integrations, provide an understanding of current procedures and practice, and investigate the limitations and potentials of contemporary work. From content to construction, media to community activation, the 1% projects necessitate understandings in both art and architecture. Topic-based weekly sessions, including Typologies, Medias, Procedures, Critiques, Engagements, Activations, etc., will provide students with vocabulary to engage in public art/architecture works. Presentations and guest lectures will present a range of contemporary practices. Students will write weekly summaries of readings, present case studies, and develop a semester project in the form of an article on a set of practices or in-depth proposal for a project. The instructor is Chair of the Master of Architecture program at CCA and an architect. His practice area has engaged public arts projects for 5 years in collaboration with artists, with built and developing public art projects in the Bay Area, LA, and Seattle.