Eco: BT: Green Building

Today sustainable design in architecture is commonly reduced to a checklist of fixes as prescribed by various green codes and standards. While these checklist approaches do seek to lessen the harm to the environment, the role of the architect is too often relegated to the implementation of compartmentalized solutions. This course seeks to broaden the agenda by thinking critically about sustainable design, fashioning varied analytical frameworks around the topic of sustainability, and projecting how issues of sustainability can create new conceptual territories for architectural design. Current sustainable construction methodologies at building, local, and regional scales will be introduced and evaluated through a series of lectures, precedent studies, and readings. The potential collaboration across multiple disciplines and the placing of building design within larger networks will be deliberated. The students' own work, through research, presentations, and design proposals, will serve as the catalyst for exploring synergies between various methodologies and developing a new multivalent understanding of sustainability.