Eco:BT:Green Studio Companion

This seminar is a studio companion class that tracks parallel to a design process and explores techniques for developing studio proposals in a sustainable direction. The course will provide a generative framework for design rather than the problem/solution approaches common to engineering practice. The methodology reconceives of energy (heat, air, light) and matter (nutrients, waste, water) as closed loop systems - continuous environmental flows in which the architecture is not the end result but part of a larger cycle over time and space. Students will examine the potential of both analytical and phenomenological notions of building performance to shape a building's relationships to climate, landscape, and habitat. Quantitative analysis using parametric simulations will alternate with speculative explorations based on responses to theoretical texts, art films, and environmental artists' work. Both of these "right-brain" and left-brain modes will inform analysis and redesign of the students' studio projects. It is strongly recommended that students successfully complete Building Energy before enrolling in this course.