BT: Advanced BIM

Advanced Building Information Modeling, Data Capture, Visualization, Simulation and Analysis A computable buildinginformation modeling platform brings with it the ability to predict the performance of a building before it is realized. As rendering, simulation, analysis and animation technologies continue to advance, performance-based design approaches will continue to increase the added value across the entire lifecycle of building and infrastructural projects. This course will explore topics related to Advanced Building InformationModeling, Data Capture, Visualization, Simulation and Analysis. In this course students will gain knowledge and insight into the use of Data Capturing Technologies (i.e LiDAR, Xbox Kinect),Visualization, Simulation and Analytical Software platforms currently in development. Students will learn to collect, manage and visualize large point cloud data sets and use this information to build comprehensive building simulations and analysis. Additionally, students will have gained an understanding of performance-based design approaches as used in industry by leading design and engineering firms