HT: Big Plans

This seminar examines the history and theory of visionary and utopian planning traditions over the last three hundred years in Europe, Latin America, the United States, and Asia. Particular weight will be given to the topic of idealized "big plans" that seek to encompass large tracts of land, including entire cities and regions in an effort to bring them (and their citizens) under the control of a single overarching idea-whether artistic, economic, religious, ecological, ideological, or political. We will consider the potentials and the limitations of both built and unbuilt proposals. All students will be responsible for assigned readings each week. There will be student-led discussions during each class meeting; all students are expected to participate, and all students will prepare a written critique of the readings five times during the semester. Each student will present two case studies during the semester and there will be a final report (presented to the class) and a paper due at the end of the semester.