Design & Culture

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Methods Seminars are in-depth, interdisciplinary investigations of a particular problem or theme. These seminars focus on ways of knowing the world characteristic of the disciplines represented in the seminar, such that the forms or methods of investigation are as important as the subject matter itself.In Design & Culture students analyze of the place of design within the context of creative and material culture, the environment, politics, technology and other contemporary issues. Design & Culture is a seminar class for students of all disciplines who are interested in the deeper meanings and cultural context of design. Students enrich and expand their approach to studio-based practice, heighten their awareness of the impact of cultural forces upon the work of designers, and begin to anticipate future trends. Course material includes the analysis of designed objects, theoretical and popular writings, exercises in making, class discussion, research projects and student and instructor-led presentations. Skills reinforced: design research, visual presentation, oral presentation, brand, design writing, history of design, meaning/semantics, point of view.