Painting Lecture Series

Our Painting Lecture Series is a unique series of free public lectures by artists who work primarily in the disciplines of painting and drawing and whose practices expand the notion of what painting and drawing can be.

The Painting/Drawing Program is committed to bringing both emerging and well-established artists to speak with students through this engaging series.

Our guest lecturers are drawn from the rich local arts community here in the Bay Area as well as regional, national, and international visitors brought in through partnerships with local arts institutions.

The broad-minded group of artists we sponsor appeal to a wide community of artists here at the college, with both undergraduate and graduate students regularly attending to mingle, debate, and share ideas.

The conversations begun in the lecture carry over into our studios, stimulating lively discussions that become part of the ongoing dialog within the painting and drawing community at CCA.

Painting Lecture Series

Spring 2016

Dushko Petrovich (Jan. 26)
Tom Burckhardt (Apr. 5)

Fall 2015

Thomas Lawson (Sept. 24)
Keltie Ferris (Nov. 10)

Other guest artists
Gareth James, Mark Grotjahn, Mari Eastman, Helen O'Leary, Tucker Nichols, Alexandra Grant, Sarah Cain, Amanda Ross-Ho, Libby Black, Jules de Balincourt, Sandeep Mukherjee, Kim Fisher, Ruby Neri, Josephine Halvorson, Jessica Dickinson & Patricia Treib, Cameron Martin, Sally Elesby, Jeffrey Gibson, Nina Bovasso, Karl Haendel, Polly Apfelbaum, Chris Johanson, Robyn O'Neil, Dana Schutz, Elliot Hundley, Bridget Riley, Mary Heilmann, Martin McMurray, Peter Rostovsky, Monique Prieto, Lisa Sanditz, Kathryn Spence, Aaron Gilbert, Steve Roden, and Mindy Shapero

Painting Expanded Symposium

Another vehicle through which the CCA community (and beyond) has gathered to discuss issues pertaining to contemporary painting is the Painting Expanded symposium, which took place in spring 2013 in CCA’s Timken Lecture Hall.

The event involved 10 internationally recognized artists, including Mary HeilmannVincent Fecteau, and Keltie Ferris. They presented their work, discussed their practices, and participated in panel discussions that delved into issues of material, context, theory, academic culture, art criticism, and the market.

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