Notes from the Studio

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In addition to the Painting Lecture Series, our program offers two additional event lecture series that are intended for Painting/Drawing students:

Notes from the Studio and Open Critiques.

Each event series features CCA Painting/Drawing faculty (and friends) in the intimate and casual setting of the Drawing Room (the former location of PLAySPACE) on the San Francisco campus.

Space is limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Notes from the Studio

Notes from the Studio is a weekly event series that delivers a 45-minute discussion Wednesdays from 4 to 5 p.m.

February 25: Chris Finley

Open Critique

The Open Critique series offers two-hour, invitation-only gatherings with industry critics, scholars, and curators. Students meet on Wednesdays from 4 to 6 p.m. to have their work critiqued before an audience.

January 28

Featured artists: Nate Petterson, Megan Reed, and Josh Stulen
Guest critics: Rebeca Bollinger, Gregory Lind, and Jonathan Runcio

March 11

Featured artists: Kelsey Booth, Channing Morgan, and Ben Quinn
Guest critics: Bruno Fazzolari (CCA), Laurie Lazar (Luggage Store), and Chris Perez (Ratio 3)

April 15

Featured artists: Kaveh Irani, Heather Murphy, and Luis Pinto
Guest critics: Juana Berrio, Chris Finley, and Jessica Silverman

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The presentations function as a glimpse into the artist's studio with an emphasis on current process ideas to provoke often-neglected topics such as the role of failed work that doesn't get seen, methods of working, frustrations and breakthroughs, and the studio itself.

This is a relaxed atmosphere in which students can take a break, meet with friends, have a snack, and sit in on various discussions about process.

Past Participants

Kim Anno
Jauna Berrio
Elisheva Biernoff
Libby Black
Keith Boadwee
Rebeca Bollinger
Matt Borruso
Christopher Brown
Serena Cole
Mel Davis
Mark Eanes
Sally Elesby
Josh Faught
Bruno Fazzolari
Mark Foxx
Terri Friedman
Linda Geary
James Gobel
Glen Helfand
Desiree Holman
Anthony Huberman
David Huffman
Jordan Kantor
Danielle Lawrence
Sian Oblak
Ted Purves
Larry Rinder
Jovi Schnell
Leslie Shows
Mary Snowden
Bryan Keith Thomas
Victoria Wagner
Wendy White
Franklin Williams
John Zurier