Tools 2: Intro Digital Photo

This course will offer an introduction to all elements of digital photography, with a focus on digital capture, Adobe Photoshop, Bridge, color management and an introduction to scanning and printing. Multiple formats of digital cameras will be introduced in this class. The emphasis will be on translating what we see or imagine into visual works of art and the ways in which digital processes can help you realize your photographic goals. Students should have access to a digital camera with raw capture and manuel exposure functions.

Digital imaging technologies have profoundly transformed our understanding of photography and its nature as both an applied and fine art. This course is an introduction to the tools and methods that underlie these changes. Emphasis will be placed on two fundamental concerns: Quality - both technical and aesthetic in all of your projects and, Expression - Using digital photographic tools to express ideas and concepts that are meaningful to you.At the heart of the class will be an in-depth exploration ofAdobe Photoshop as it applies to the Apple Macintosh operating system. The basic principles and functions of the application will be covered within the context of individual student creativeprojects. Other applications that will be covered include: Adobe Bridge as a image file navigator and management tool. Adobe Lightroom - an application for converting and adjusting rawformat files and organizing them into manageable collections for display, printing and web-based presentation.After a transition phase where students will learn the details ofproperly exposing color film, emphasis will be given to providingstudents with an understanding of all of the elements of digital image processing including: Scanning and how to obtain the optimum input for your purposes with digital cameras; Image manipulation with Adobe Photoshop; Color Theory and Digital Color Correction and Management; Fine Digital Black and White and Color Printing. It is assumed that students are familiar with basic photography, darkroom techniques as well as the basics of the Apple Macintosh operating system. Students will be encouraged to utilize any thematic and stylisticapproaches that best express their interests including but not limited to: Documentary, Narrative, Portraiture, Tableau andLandscape.