Advanced Workshop

Each semester an outstanding photographic artist, curator, or critic from the Bay Area will be selected to develop and teach a course focused on their particular area of interest and expertise. The course will give students the opportunity to work intensively on projects within an area of specialization. The nature of the course will rotate from semester to semester, highlighting themes from documentary studies, narrative, public and community based projects, installation, and new technologies. Specific course descriptions will be available to students prior to registration.

Alternate Worlds; Photography & Storytelling: This intensive studio course is an opportunity for students to explore the relationship between fiction and the photographic. Wewill examine storytelling in various modes in relationship to thephotographic, thinking about how narratives are constructed through various modes of practice, such as combining text and image, utilizing the book form, working with moving image orjuxtaposing still images to create new meanings and tensions. The semester will combine research, workshops, lectures/seminars,visiting speakers, gallery visits and critiques to create a major, self-directed final project.Centered around the relationship photography (in its expanded field) has to ideas of narrative and the staged, we will considerconsidering montage, collage, editing, layering and fragmentationas means to create new narratives and bodies of work, thinking about how text and image can inspire and affect one another.