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This class is the sequel to Drawing 1 in Core. It focuses on all the issues of drawing: line, space, composition, value, light and shadow, and the ability to draw what is seen with accuracy. The class will have an emphasis on life drawing and is a requirement for majors in Painting, Drawing and Printmaking.

The Structure, Anatomy, and Expressive Design of Human Form This course is designed to cover formal principals, concepts, andtechniques employed in drawing the anatomy of the human figure. In addition to a classical understanding of rendering the figure through anatomical studies, students will also work on developingan expressive means of drawing. This will attempt to bridge the gap between the clinically precise anatomy text, the living model, and the demands of creative figure drawing. Students will learn to think from simple to complex and from mass to detail. Identification and cataloguing of names and details of bones, muscles and landmarks will be expected, and in class drawing willbe from observation.