William Feuerman

"Pre-College was my first exposure to college life and architecture. It was life changing. I remember late nights in the residence hall working on projects with other students. In fact, I am still in touch with several friends from the program."

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Katherin Canton

"I attended CCA's Pre-College program after my sophomore year of high school. I hadn’t taken any real art classes at that point, but had begun to be interested in graphic design on my own."

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Remy Labesque

"When I attended Pre-College at CCA I was 17 years old. At the time I knew little about industrial design. What I did know was that I liked making stuff, and that I was keen on problem solving. "That’s what designers do," my CCA instructor explained."

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Amie Spitler

"I remember Pre-College being the first time I felt like there was a place I was meant to be. What an amazing concept that I could go somewhere and focus on the things I really enjoyed in an atmosphere with others who really enjoyed what they were doing."

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Adam Reineck

"My parents are both designers, so I had a foggy idea what industrial design was about, but the Pre-College faculty truly opened the doors for me to new possibilities. I met some great people who I still hang out with, and three people in my Pre-College class enrolled in CCA’s Industrial Design Program later on."

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