In this studio, students learn essential techniques of character animation, experimental motion, and cinema through individual projects and group exercises. Projects include hand-drawn animation, acting sketches, storyboards, and 3D computer animations. The class also spends time evaluating animated sequences from classic cartoons, as well as independent and experimental films. Students gain technical skills in storytelling, squash and stretch distortion, timing, exaggeration, and many other animation principles.

Instruction is split between the studio (working by hand with drawing tools, clay, and sand, and recording with pencil test software) and the computer lab (working with 3D CG software Maya, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Photoshop). Digital still and video cameras may be used (software subject to change). By the end of this studio, participants should be able to animate characters successfully using dynamic design, smooth motion, and acting.

A guest animator from a local animation studio such as Pixar, located just three miles away, visits the class. Students also take a field trip to the Walt Disney Family Museum, located in the Presidio of San Francisco—a truly inspiring place for aspiring animators to see!

Animation is an all-day studio.