Photography: Black & White + Digital

Effective images express ideas and a personal vision.

This studio provides students with the rich opportunity to explore in-depth both digital and analog black and white photography. By integrating the two, participants gain a comprehensive understanding of how to record and manipulate light. Images are captured on black and white film and then printed in the darkroom. They are also digitally scanned at high resolution, corrected, and adjusted for print using Adobe Photoshop. The end result is a digital archive of scanned black and white film images as well as large format inkjet prints, approximately 30x40 inches.

Although the capture of images in this studio is analog, the basic principles of camera operation are identical. Due to the slower nature of film processing and the care that must be taken, students gain a solid foundation that crosses the analog/digital divide. Through lectures, critiques, and class discussions, students develop their ability to think and talk critically about images and image making.

For the final project, each student produces a limited edition 'zine of their images and walks away with a boxed set of everyone's 'zines at the end of the program.

Photography: Black & White + DIgital is an all-day studio.