Some ideas are better expressed in 2D; others are better realized as 3D.

This studio is an exploration in working three dimensionally to understand the interaction between form and space. By experimenting with a variety of materials and techniques, including woodworking, mold making, casting, wirework, and site-specific installation, participants experience the ways in which these choices affect a sculpture's form.

Students investigate the concept of occupying space by considering line, plane, volume, composition, rhythm, balance, color, proportion, and scale, as well as how context and presentation influence the perception of a piece.

Class discussions address ideas of positive versus negative, interior versus exterior, static versus dynamic, and representational versus abstract. While creating projects that range from object-oriented pieces to experimental, time-based, and collaborative work, students explore conceptual approaches to sculpture in order to express ideas and issues.

This studio includes a field trip exploring San Francisco's dynamic public art scene.

Sculpture is paired with Drawing/Painting.