We believe the best way to learn firsthand just how exciting and motivating the Pre-College Program at CCA is is to hear it firsthand from those who've benefited from their experience here at the college.

The following quotations are highlights from participants in the Pre-College Program.

From Previous Pre-College Attendees

“This experience will stay with me for the rest of my life.” — Jake Uribe

“I learned a great deal about lighting and audio, specifically . . . the trips to San Francisco were great, and I made many close friends.” — Alexandra Thompson

“I feel I learned so much from illustration, and I’m confident that this is the career path I want to follow. I want to learn more!” — Erica Howland

“The most amazing thing I could have done with my summer.” — Kaley Van Deelen

“I couldn’t be happier with everything I’ve learned and the people I’ve met.” — Lani DeSoto

“Life changing, as I changed from the shy, uneasy person who I was into a more open, outgoing person.” — Mikhaila Quezada-Freda

“The program helped me a lot as an artist and let me meet a lot of people who I’ll never forget—teachers and students alike. The Pre-College Program was absolutely amazing.” — Cameron Depaoli

“The program was an eye-opening experience that not only inspired me but also showed me what a college student’s life is like.” — Oona Gleeson

“Most amazing experience of my life. Was never homesick . . . wish this were my home.” — Lulu White

“I have made some of the best art of my life here and I have made countless friends. . . . The [Pre-College] Program was one of the best decisions I have ever made.” — Skylar Rigdon

“Best month ever!” — Emily Bader

“A short-term introduction to college life in an environment full of excitement, creativity, and passion.” — Melisa Sturman

“Best experience of my life, and I wish it lasted longer.” — Brittany Peters

“Greatest moment of my life.” — Thomas Bamonte

“By far one of the best unique experiences of my life.” — Justin Hernandez

“I have never met so many good people or felt happier. . . .” — Josie Griffith

“Home away from home.” — Ho-Ting (Audrey) Tseng

“Best four weeks of my life -- hands down.” — David Gordon

“An enlightening experience for the confused and indecisive artist!” — Dominic Camuglia