Printing on Glass

The Screen Printing courses focus on the multiple techniques available to students in creating unique graphic images with this versatile stencil process. Students will explore the use of hand drawn as well as digital approaches to making a series of editioned prints and/or unique applications which consider the use of color, layering, transparency and opacity. The class will also introduce the potential for screen printing to be applied to a variety of mediums and surfaces, such as painting, photography and collage. Additional materials fee will apply.

The Transparent Artifact: Vitreous Printing on Glass This is an interdisciplinary studio class with investigations and methods residing in the areas of printmaking, glass, architecture, painting, sculpture, decorative arts, and crafts. Through research and studio assignments, students will screen print vitreous (glass) enamels and powders onto base glasses and fire these, creating permanent imagery that addresses history and longevity of image, contemporary craft, transparency, and the nature of multiplicity.