Monotype 1: Super Flat

Monotype is an exciting print technique, which merges drawing, painting and printmaking to create rich and expressive imagery. By working with either oil or water-based inks on a slick surface, images are transferred to paper under pressure in singular or multiple drops producing unique results unattainable in other processes. This versatile process is introduced through a series of demonstrations, lectures, guest artists and studio practice. Along with work on specific projects, participation in critiques, attending field trips, and in-studio experimental work, students are expected to use the techniques covered to develop series of prints as a body of work. Students may continue their investigations by taking a second course, PRINT 324 Monotype 2.

This course will focus on the making of wall oriented ceramic forms using two dimensional surfaces made from paint, glaze and mixed media. Contemporary themes in painting, drawing and conceptual imagery will be translated and bridged with the ceramic repertoire of tools and techniques. These techniques include among others, advanced scrafitto, clay monoprinting, Egyptian paste, maiolica and terra sigilatta. Visiting artists of all media will attend to present and experiment. The core of the class will be a studio practice of techniques exploring contemporary themes and inventing new processes. The purpose of this class will be to expand the inventive nature of the artist and to understand the role ceramic artist in the context of the Fine Art world. Painting, Printmaking and Illustration majors are also encouraged to register for this course.