Bookworks 1:Structure & Ideas

The book form can integrate a wide range of media and materials, bringing together image and text, structure and sequence in one moveable, touchable object. Through a series of projects incorporating each artist's interests and chosen media we will work inventively with a variety of traditional and experimental book forms. We will refine our skills as we investigate topics such as: the uses of words and images, conceptual layering, the importance of memory, the connections between form and content, and the influence of time and change.

In this comprehensive course we will cover basic techniques that are the foundation to making books by hand including, but not limited to, folding, sewing, and gluing. Printing and printmaking via letterpress will also be introduced. In addition, we will explore how contemporary art concepts might be translated into a book format, as well as look at the wide variety of artists? books created in the past fifty years. By creating a series of artist's books, each with a different style and theme, we will explore the nature of the book as an expressive medium and create a body of work. The class has some assignment-based work, but each project may be interpreted broadly. The final project is open to individual interests and methods.