Screen Printing 1

The Screen Printing courses focus on the multiple techniques available to students in creating unique graphic images with this versatile stencil process. Students will explore the use of hand drawn as well as digital approaches to making a series of editioned prints and/or unique applications which consider the use of color, layering, transparency and opacity. The class will also introduce the potential for screen printing to be applied to a variety of mediums and surfaces, such as painting, photography and collage. Additional materials fee will apply.

This course focuses on screen printing and its potential to create unique graphic forms with applications for both paper and alternate surfaces. There will be demonstrations followed byhands-on work in stencil preparation (hand-cut, hand-drawn, direct photographic emulsion), color and the mixing of pigments, registration processes, pulling a print, and presentation. Additionally, digital film output from DFAS will be introduced. Design and pictorial issues will be addressed utilizing the capacity of the process for the surface spatial effects through layering, texture, color, transparency and opacity. Additional materials fee will be charged.