Bookworks 1: Strctr & Ideas

The book form can integrate a wide range of media and materials, bringing together image and text, structure and sequence in one moveable, touchable object. Through a series of projects incorporating each artist's interests and chosen media we will work inventively with a variety of traditional and experimental book forms. We will refine our skills as we investigate topics such as: the uses of words and images, conceptual layering, the importance of memory, the connections between form and content, and the influence of time and change.

From single printed, folded sheets to hardcover casebound books and presentation boxes, Bookworks 1 covers handskills, techniques, and content development through a series of assignments and individual projects, resulting in a comprehensive body of bookwork. Introduction to letterpress printing from handset type, multiples and editioning, writing, and a look at historical and contemporary book art are also included. Open to beginning and advanced students from any discipline.