Meet the Chair

Michelle Murillo

This is Michelle Murillo’s first year as Chair of the Printmaking Program. She joined the Fine Arts faculty in 2011 and is an artist working across traditional and innovative print media. Murillo seeks to expand the vocabulary of print and the multiple in an interdisciplinary context. Her work has been exhibited and collected nationally and internationally, and she has held leadership positions at several print organizations that give her a global and innovative perspective of the field. 

The Power of Print

Transformation and exploration have always been central to the traditions and field of printmaking. The print is a vehicle for expression and can be a tool for the dissemination of information, even a catalyst for social change. Today the traditions of printmaking coalesce with innovative cross-disciplinary media in contemporary dialogue. 


In our program students learn a wide range of print media within the context of historical and contemporary perspectives. We build a foundation in the traditions of printmaking through exploration in intaglio, lithography, relief, monotype, screen print and book arts. Students also have the opportunity to expand on those rich traditions with photo, digital and hybrid printmaking. We offer innovative cross-disciplinary approaches to print, such as collaborations with glass and illustration. We encourage thinking about printmaking and the multiple in all forms. Prints can leap off the wall, turn into objects, sculptures and transform into immersive environments and installations.

Extraordinary Community

Come join our vibrant community. As a printmaking major you work alongside an exceptional faculty that is immersed in the local, national and global printmaking arenas. Outside of the studio you will engage with premier Bay Area print institutions, professional presses, print collections, galleries, museums, artists and art world practitioners. We welcome you to find your creative voice and launch your artistic practice with us!