Hamaguchi Awards

Announcing the student awardees of this year's Hamaguchi Printmaking Scholarship Awards:

Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo
Samuel Forrest Alderson
Lisa Mathis
Angel Perez

Alexandra Phelps
Samantha Thompson

The graduate winner is Carolina Magis Weinberg.

This year’s jurors are Mikae Hara, Carole Jeung, and David Salgado.

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About the Printmaking Scholarship Awards

In 1995 Yozo Hamaguchi and his wife, Minami Keiko, generously endowed a fund at CCA (then CCAC) for the purpose of granting annual awards to outstanding students in printmaking. Each an artist of international reputation, the Hamaguchis were born in Japan and lived in France for most of the years since the 1930s, arriving in San Francisco in 1982.

After Mr. Hamaguchi retired in 1993 from the practice of printing his own plates (leaving that to his dealer/publisher), he gave his exquisite American-French Tool etching press to the Printmaking Program.

Mr. Hamaguchi was a renowned master of color mezzotint printing, a form of intaglio printing that has been practiced by few since its invention in 1609.

A few years after retiring the Hamaguchis returned to Japan, where Mr. Hamaguchi died December 25, 2000, at the age of 91.

The purpose of the Printmaking Scholarship Awards Exhibition is to foster excellence and dedication in the study and practice of printmaking. Students must be enrolled full-time and in good academic standing to be eligible. Additionally, students must be enrolled in printmaking during one of both semesters of the current academic year.

Students are not, however, required to be Printmaking majors; all majors are eligible provided the virtue of the character of the work submitted in print media contribute substantially to the quality of the whole body of work.

Award recipients are expected to continue their printmaking studies the following semester after earning the award.

Search "Hamaguchi" on the CCA website to see previous years' awardees of the Hamaguchi Printmaking Scholarship Award.