Osaka Exchange Program

The Osaka Exchange is an active and meaningful partnership between CCA and Osaka University of Art (OUA), a private arts university founded in 1945 and located in Kanan, Minamikawachi District, Osaka Prefecture, Japan.

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The exchange also serves to deepen the cross-cultural experience for all students and faculty involved. The exchange includes an exhibition of CCA and OUA student works that begins in the United States in the winter and travels to Japan in the following summer.

Along with transporting the artwork, the students are also eligible to travel.

The 2005 inaugural exhibition in Japan included student work from China, Korea, Japan, and the United States. The first two exchanges were focused on our shared interests in printmaking.

The sequential, biannual exchanges have included print-based collaborations with the Photography Program in 2008; the Textiles Program in 2010; and with Graphic Design in 2012.

Cultural Exchanges

In addition to the exhibition, tours and workshops are arranged to offer each student a better insight into the culture as well as the experience working in a foreign studio. It’s incredibly exciting to see the students come together in the United Sates and Japan. Learn about other exchange opportunities »

Funding for the CCA portion of the Exchange Program comes in part from the Hamaguchi Endowment, which focuses on fostering excellence and dedication in the study and practice of printmaking.

Watch an Exchange in Action

In February 2012 students from CCA's Printmaking and Graphic Design programs and Osaka University of Arts partnered for a joint exhibition, called Place=Basho.