Sculp 1: Form & Environment

This hands-on studio course investigates ways of making meaning using any medium imaginable, challenging you to engage material, craft, form, space, time, site, action, and context. Structured by technical demos, presentations, independent research, readings, writings, group critiques, visiting artists, and field trips, it will provide a forum for the discussion and exploration of a diverse range of sculptural practices and the possibilities made available by such an expansive field. Sculpture courses equip you with a diverse variety of materials, processes, and tools to develop a professional, critical, safe and sustainable studio practice.

As an EcoTap based class, Sculpture 1 will explore a sculptural practice rooted in a conscious engagement with our environment at large. As material artists, we will look at our carbon footprint, inventive solutions, repurposed and found materials, toxic materials and processes, and the chemical composition of materials and their impact to our fragile ecosystem. While looking at artists and a history of this practice in the arts, we will investigate new ways to navigate through this material world that work within our own personal and social frameworks. This class will still have a hands-on studio component, utilizing both traditional and unexpected materials and methods to create works that are metaphors for experiencing today's world. We will focus on a more inclusive definition of sculpture as a broad discipline, crossing over a wide range of mediums and dealing with a variety of issues--the environmental, personal, humorous, poetic, formal, social, and political. We will explore material options, and objects, structures, installations (environments), and immateriality (performance, liquids, light) with a more conceptual framework to encourage quick thinking and "flexibility" as artists. In addition to visiting artists, artist presentations, and field trips, there will also be minimal readings assigned.