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This course continues the development of skills and dialogue generated in the 3D Visual Dynamics and Sculpture 1 courses but is also open to Juniors and Seniors in any program. Techniques and actions relating to trajectories of sculpture and the history of making are more intensively investigated through a series of projects designed to engage students in a deepened relationship to materials and methods. Students explore visual, formal and conceptual issues with a heightened level of experimentation and creative ambition. Emphasis will be on the concept, content, and critical dialogue surrounding the work, advancing the idea of sculpture as an intellectual as well as material pursuit. Students will be exposed to a variety of theoretical approaches and debates in the realm of contemporary sculpture and other relevant fields so they may expand their sense of context, engage with the world around them, and participate in a larger social dialogue. Artist statements and photo documentation will be required, as students begin moving toward an individualized practice shaped around sustained curiosity and personal inquiry.