Sculpture 2: Site & Time

This hands-on studio course investigates sculpture using any medium imaginable, challenging you to engage material, craft, form, space, time, site, action, and context. Structured by shop demos, artist talks, field trips, independent research, and critiques, it will provide a forum for the discussion and exploration of a diverse range of sculptural practices and the possibilities made available by such an expansive field. Sculpture courses equip you with a diverse variety of materials, processes, and tools to develop a professional, critical, safe and sustainable studio practice. Sculpture 2 courses build and expand on the skills taught in Sculpture 1, asking students to explore visual, formal and conceptual issues with a heightened level of experimentation and creative ambition. Sculpture 2 is open to Juniors and Seniors in any program.

Expand your work to engage sculptural, spatial, and social practices. Consider forms of site-specificity, installation, and institutional critique. Explore time, action, performance, participation, and interaction. Use CCA campuses and the larger Bay Area as your expanded studio and testing ground.