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Although few divisions exist anymore between painting, sculpture, and other disciplines, why is 'Chromophobia' (fear of color) still prevalent amongst sculptors and even painters? The roots of this unconscious fear go much deeper than fashion and taste as we'll examine in David Batchelor's book "Chromophobia". We will investigate the nature of this puritanical prejudice as it relates to a long history of anti 'orientalism', racism, and sexism. Expanding your material base and addressing palette are just two of many ways to embolden your work, support your content or concept, and make your work contemporary and timely. So, your inner chromophobia might just be holding you back. In this class we will broaden our material vocabularies (we'll visit the materials library in S.F.), delve into 'palette', as well as explore the history of this commingling of color and form during the past century (looking at numerous exhibitions over the past decade like Unmonumental, Chromoform, The Uncertainty of Objects and Ideas). Looking at images, videos, and interviews with Artists (ranging from David Smith to Jessica Stockholder to Shinique Smith to Assume Vivid Astro Focus) who have successfully traversed these areas of exploration, we will gain a more complete picture of the mixed media/ installation/'color meets form' lineage. This class is perfect for Painting majors who want to come off the wall and explore painting in 3D/ installation and Sculpture majors who want to expand their material and color repertoire.