Engage: Adv Wkshp: Soc Sculp

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Social sculpture is a term originally created by the German artist-educator Joseph Beuys to demonstrate art's potential to shape society and transform the environment in which we live. Beuys, whose work included sculpture, installation, performance art, activism, theory, and teaching, defined the social sculptor as someone who creates structures in society using a combination of will, thought, speech, action, and object. For Beuys, society as a whole was seen as one great work of art to which each individual person can contribute. As such, social sculpture is inherently interdisciplinary and participatory; it offers a profound basis for new generations of practitioners working across the fields of contemporary art, social practices, and community engagement. By connecting object-based work and this expanded conception of art, this course examines ways to interact, collaborate, and intervene in a variety of social networks in order to build and stimulate social transformation through creative practice in the public sphere. As a Community Arts Special Topics Seminar and part of ENGAGE at CCA, this course will address issues of immediate concern in a specific community in the greater Bay area. Students will gain intimate knowledge of various strategies for working with a specific organization and the ability to navigate through the problems and dilemmas that organization faces. For updates on the community partner for this course, please email the instructor.