Sculpture 1: Making & Meaning

This hands-on studio course investigates ways of making meaning using any medium imaginable, challenging you to engage material, craft, form, space, time, site, action, and context. Structured by technical demos, presentations, independent research, readings, writings, group critiques, visiting artists, and field trips, it will provide a forum for the discussion and exploration of a diverse range of sculptural practices and the possibilities made available by such an expansive field. Sculpture courses equip you with a diverse variety of materials, processes, and tools to develop a professional, critical, safe and sustainable studio practice.

Create sculptures that explore the personal, spiritual, humorous, poetic, formal, social, and political. Investigateissues such as consumption, psychology, identity, and desire to explore the meanings embedded within materials and the role of objects in everyday life. Work at any scale, from intimate things to architectural interventions and site-specificinstallations.