Wkshp:Structural Alternatives

This interdisciplinary class will foster a can-do philosophy involving skill and problem solving that is vital to our role as artists in the 21st century. We will investigate the structures that hold artworks, buildings, and social organizations together. It is a hands-on course on how to build structures ranging from purely evocative configurations to habitable spaces. We will focus on the role of utilitarian and non-utilitarian works and look at the relevance of art making in a time when the planet is in peril. Meeting for 6 hours in one day per week will allow us to develop a working practice that more reflects the way projects are accomplished in the world. Through demonstrations and assignments we will work with a variety of materials including traditional building supplies (2x4s, plywood, concrete, and corrugated metal, etc.) and also explore the opportunism of found scavenged materials. Model making will be utilized to develop ideas and at least one project will be full scale and enterable. We will become a research team studying building techniques, societal structures and the impact of human activities on the planet through readings, films, fieldtrips, and visiting artists. We will look at intentional communities, food production, and alternative energy viability. The physical, psychological, and conceptual impact of alternative structures is subject of this class.