MH:Sculp Hist: On the Road

Required for Sculpture majors. This course surveys major works of sculpture of the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with a primary focus on art made since WWll. The emergence and evolution of ideas about spatial relationships, the body, land and environmental art, sculpture as commodity, and art and social practice will be traced as they manifest in installation, performance and electronic media as well as in traditional object-making (the ?thing?).

This year, Sculpture Histories is going on the road! While we will visit some Bay Area venues, some of the classes will also be conducted in Los Angeles in a one weekend roadtrip. Not to be missed! In fact, you are required to attend. If for some reason you are not able, you will get the equal amount of hours in the Bay Area touring art spaces. We will end the class with our annual visit to Runnymede Sculpture Garden in Woodside, California - a big local highlight for students. The early morning in class hours (grab your java!) will be filled withlectures, readings, and discussions exploring historical developments in local as well as global arenas. Relationships between works and ideas as they pertain to your own work is a primary focus of the class. Where do you place yourself in this hugely expanded field? (***The Class Trip to Los Angeles is REQUIRED.)