Extreme Sculpture

Between the dematerialization of the art object and the expanded field of sculpture, what are we walking and talking around? In this critique-based seminar, we will explore your ongoing work in relation to issues of contingency, uncertainty, and unmonumentality in contemporary sculpture, while reading from influential texts of the past few decades that associate sculpture with negation, absence, ambivalence, and doubt. From sculpture as "something you bump into" physically, to sculpture as an umbrella term encompassing installation, new genres, interdisciplinarity, and social practices, how might we productively inhabit the space of sculpture, as term, category, medium, activity, field, or other? Through lectures, discussions, independent research, critiques and in-class exercises, we will explore the physical limits, conceptual boundaries, and other extremes of sculpture today. This course is highly recommended for Sculpture majors and is open to students in all programs who would like to work in sculpture, experimental photography, video, kinetic work, sound, performance, community-based work and social practice. For Sculpture majors, the prerequisites are 3D Visual Dynamics and Sculpture 1. This course is currently listed for Standing Juniors, but overrides are possible with permission from the sculpture advisor or the instructor