Adv Wkshp: Materialist Poetry

Sculpture workshops are critique-based studio courses that investigate interdisciplinary topics proposed by faculty based on their fieldwork, experience, and expertise. Emphasis is on developing each student's individualized research and expanding their studio practice to consider broader concerns, methods, and contexts.

Do materials have memories and what responsibilities do artists have to them? This course will explore the poetic intersections between materials, memory and language. The investigation ofmaterial memory can form an emotional engagement through time, producing a type of historical empathy that raises ethical and moral questions about what the present owes to the past and future. New sculptural forms can arise when taking this material memory into account. This studio-based seminar is structuredaround independent research and creative field work, individual making, and group critiques. The skills of writing, researching, archiving and storytelling will be explored as tools for this materialist poetry approach.