Senior Project

This class is for any student working sculpturally in their last two semesters who wants to understand and acquire the professional skills needed to enter into the contemporary art world. Our primary focus is to develop your work for presentation in solo and group exhibitions as well as for public art commissions, participatory projects, and a variety of alternative formats and venues. We will look critically at your independent research and studio practice, exploring ways to deepen your engagement and articulate your relationship to ongoing contemporary art dialogues, helping you identify the ideal audiences for your work and exploring ways to get your work out there. Best practices on documenting your work, curating your portfolio, refining your artist statement, giving artist talks, building your artist resume and featuring your work online will be covered. You will receive well-researched and up-to-date information on opportunities for emerging artists in the Bay Area and beyond, and will be taken step-by-step through the process of submitting your work for juried exhibitions and image archives, as well as applying for residencies, graduate school, and grants. Tips on navigating and networking in the art world including proper etiquette for studio visits with gallerists, art critics, and museum curators will be provided, as well as strategies for setting up a studio inexpensively and storing and archiving your work post-graduation. All students in the course work toward senior solo shows and collaborate on a group exhibition, developing your body of work with critical feedback from peers, the instructor, and guests.