4D: Time-based Narrative

Instructor: Bijan Yashar
SF / CORES–112 / 23 sessions
Prerequisite: none
July 7-August 13, Mon.–Thurs., 1-5 p.m.

Digital media and communication technology shape our experiences and perceptions of time, ourselves, and the larger world. Working in the fourth dimension, students investigate interactive media, storytelling, diverse cultural contributions, personal and public actions, and social connections. Students explore collaboration, digital tools, and sequence structure in varied interdisciplinary forms.

All 4D courses emphasize designating roles in team projects and time management. Formal concepts include sound and image relationships, composition in frame, appropriation, image transformation, editing, interactivity, performance, and presentation strategies. While each 4D course focuses on particular skills, such as digital video, the web, and interactive media, they also emphasize media literacy and digital literacy, professional file management skills, and an orientation to CCA's digital labs and equipment.

This course satisfies the 4D CORE studio requirement or a studio elective.