Diversity Studies Studio

Painting/Drawing Intensive: Strategies and Dialogues in Contemporary Art

Instructor: Taravat Talepasand
SF / PNTDR-370 / DIVST–300 / 18 sessions
Prerequisite: Drawing 1 or equivalent
June 2-July 10, Mon./Wed./Thurs., 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Each student will have their own "senior" studio space in which to work during this six-week summer class.

Students examine the effective use of humor, satire, popular culture, biography, and narrative, while learning how to draw on sources and research to support these strategies. The class covers such techniques as mapping, list making, marginalia, cross referencing, and the use of literary sources. While the course concentrates on popular culture,students also learn different techniques to achieve individual goals: underpainting, glazing, alla prima, collage, and the use of mixed media. Visiting artist Katherine Johnstone will be joining in class critiques.

Students who take this course for the diversity studio credit also investigate minority theory and cultural identity issues. This separate track shares in the main conceptual and technical pursuits of the class and includes readings from Edward Said and Bell Hooks.

This course satisfies Beginning or Intermediate Painting, Diversity Studies Studio, or a Studio Elective.

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