Print Lab Screen Printing: Informing Multiple Mediums

Instructor: Aaron Terry
OAK / PRINT–212 / 15 sessions
Prerequisite: none
July 28-August 15, Mon-Thurs., 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
$280 lab fee payable at registration

Screen printing is the most versatile of all the print media, with the ability to print on many different substrates. This intensive investigation into a stencil process of printing is geared to the creation of original prints in multiple colors in small editions, as well as unique pieces of art. The various methods of creating film positive: hand drawn, cut masking film, or digital output are demonstrated and explored. Particular emphasis is given to matching the process to each student's area of concentration in the fields of art and design. The lab fee covers a screen, squeegee, and inks.

This course satisfies a Printmaking major requirement or studio elective.