Critical Studies

Summer Session 2016

Summer Session 2016 information will be posted in February 2016. Continuing CCA student registration for on-campus summer courses will begin March 7; registration for nondegree students will begin on March 28.

Summer Session 2015

Foundations in Critical Studies: Representations

Instructor: Aiden Gleisberg
OAK / CRTSD–150 / 15 sessions
Prerequisite: Writing 1 and Intro to the Arts
July 6–August 10 (no class 7/16), Mon./Wed./Thurs., 6–9 p.m.

This course takes up questions of representation. Examining a diverse collection of texts written by a variety of thinkers, we ask: What does it mean to re-present that which is, is not, or could be? How do representations shape, as well as alter, the aesthetic, psychic, and socio-political worlds we inhabit? What are the limits of representation and how can we think and/or experience these limits? Is it possible to represent the apparently unrepresentable?

Rather than settling on single answers to such complex questions, our primary goal is to think critically about the multiple ways they have been pursued. Major sub-themes of the course include: truth and lying, origins, self, other, gender, sexuality, authorship, subjectivity, the unconscious, aesthetics, capitalism and commodity culture, political collectivity, race, colonialism and imperialism, space, time, and history. (3 credits)

This course satisfies the Foundations in Critical Studies requirement or a Humanities & Sciences Elective.