Fashion Design

Summer Session 2016

Summer Session 2016 information will be posted in February 2016. Continuing CCA student registration for on-campus summer courses will begin March 7; registration for nondegree students will begin on March 28.

Summer Session 2015

Garment Structures: Intro to Sewing

Instructor: Susan Robinson
SF / FASHN–104 / 15 sessions
Prerequisite: none
June 1-19, Mon.-Fri., 10 a.m.–4 p.m.

This studio course introduces students to basic sewing techniques, the sewing machine, garment construction, and clothing design skills.  Students become familiar with the studio, industrial sewing machines, and pattern-making tools. The course includes instructor demonstrations and studio time for student practice.

With hands–on experience, students complete three projects: a skirt, a collared shirt, and a garment constructed from an old favorite garment or handbag.  This course is open to all students interested in fashion design and learning how to sew as well as those who would like to brush up on their skills. (3 credits)

Students will need to purchase two commercial patterns and fabric for their projects. A materials list will be provided prior to the first day of class.

This course satisfies a prerequisite for Design I and Fashion Illustration I for Fashion Design majors or a Studio Elective for nonmajors.

Pushing the Pose: Dynamic Character Drawing

Instructor: Amy Morrell
OAK / ANIMA-270 / FASHN-320 /15 sessions
Prerequisite: Drawing 1
June 1-19, Mon.-Fri., 10:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

In this three-week drawing intensive, students focus on how to create a dynamic character with style and personality through body language, structure, and clothing.

Working from a live model, the class develops an understanding of the structure of the body, human proportion and balance, facial structure and the subtleties within it, and how to push these basic rules to achieve a desired mood for your character.

Using markers and colored pencils on paper to render clothing, hair, and skin tones, students begin with simple garments that allow them to stay focused on the figure, then slowly work up to more complicated attire, observing and capturing the way fabric responds to the human form. (3 credits)

Bring to first class: pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, tracing paper, and tape.

This course satisfies a Fashion Studio Elective, an Animation Studio Elective or Workshop, or a Studio Elective for other majors.