Summer Session 2016

Summer Session 2016 information will be posted in February 2016. Continuing CCA student registration for on-campus summer courses will begin March 7; registration for nondegree students will begin on March 28.

Summer Session 2015

Illustration Tools: Figure Sculpture

Instructor: Owen Smith
OAK / ILLUS–251 / 15 sessions
Prerequisite: Life Drawing, or Illus Tools B: From Figure to Final, or Body-in-Motion
July 27-August 14, Mon.-Fri., 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

This class is designed for any student wishing to gain a greater understanding of the human figure. Painters, who normally translate a three-dimensional subject into two dimensions, benefit from sculpting because it can free the imagination to visualize the figure in a variety of angles and gestures.

Sculpting sessions with live models progress from gestural figure sketches in clay, to head studies, to full figure renderings. While exploring the physical qualities of the medium, the techniques of building structural supports, and the use of various tools, students work through the challenges of capturing a figure’s anatomy, proportions, weight, action, balance, and tension.

Through slide lectures and a field trip, the class delves into the variety and application of sculptural technique. In addition to in-class model sessions, students create a final project: either a hand study, or a character figure. The ceramic clay pieces produced in the class will be kiln-fired. (3 credits)

Illustration Tools: Building A Website

Instructor: Chris Koehler
SF / ILLUS–236 / 23 sessions
Prerequisite: Illustration 4 and/or Jr. standing
July 6-August 15, Mon./Tues./Wed., 6-9 p.m.; Sat., 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

In the modern world of illustration, having a significant web presence is essential to having a successful career. Illustration Tools J teaches the practice of web design from the ground up. The class begins with handcoding in HTML and CSS, and continues with PHP, CMS integration, and social media. It culminates with a final project: creating a portfolio site, an accompanying blog and ancillary social media to create a diverse and comprehensive online presence. Students focus not only on technical craft, but design theory, search engine optimization, best practices, and web standards. Adobe Photoshop skills are required. Mandatory for Illustration majors. (3 credits)

This course satisfies the Illustration Tools: Bldg Website requirement or a Studio Elective.