Summer Session 2016

Summer Session 2016 information will be posted in February 2016. Continuing CCA student registration for on-campus summer courses will begin March 7; registration for nondegree students will begin on March 28.

Summer Session 2015

Structure & Image: Computer Jacquard Weaving

Instructor: Stacy Speyer
OAK / TEXT–113/ 10 sessions
Prerequisite: basic knowledge of Photoshop and experience working on Mac computers
June 5-17, Fri./Sat./Sun., 10 a.m.–5 p.m.; Mon./Wed., 6:30–9:30 p.m.
$20 lab fee payable at registration

This summer intensive explores how the myriad of patterns possible on a computer-controlled loom can transform drawings, photographic imagery, and text into the structure of a piece of fabric.

The first week of the workshop introduces students to Pointcarré Computer Jacquard Weaving software, importing images from Photoshop, and weaving samples on the TC-1 computerized jacquard loom. During the second week, each class begins with instruction followed by open studio, allowing students time to weave. The class also discusses the history of Jacquard fabrics and looks at contemporary works created with computerized Jacquard. (1 credit)

Bring to first class: paper and pen for note-taking and a USB stick to save files developed in class.

This course satisfies one unit of a Studio Elective.

Stacy Speyer is an artist curious about structure. For over a decade she explored lines in space through her large-scale installations made of dyed and woven sewing thread. Current projects utilize an eclectic range of textile techniques, LED's, computers, laser cut plexi-glass and metal. Experiments in a variety of mediums, ranging from natural materials to digital imagery, have led to a series of geometric structures, an Artist in Residence at the SF Exploratorium, and book, Polyhedra: Eye Candy to Feed the Mind.  Ms. Speyer’s work has been exhibited nationally and is represented in private collections. BFA, Kansas City Art Institute; MFA, CCA.