Writing & Literature

Summer Session 2016

Continuing CCA student registration for on-campus summer courses March 4-27; registration for nondegree students begins on March 28.

Writing 2: Seeing the Virtual / Online

Instructor: Eric Olson
Prerequisites: none
June 20–August 12

This course is offered entirely online. Students must have access to their CCA Google account, a high-speed internet connection, and either a laptop or desktop computer throughout the course dates.

To honor the occasion of CCA’s first online Writing 2 course, our theme will be “Seeing the Virtual.” We often say we live our lives in two spaces—the “real” world of our material experience and the “virtual” world of the internet.  But what if we were to imagine the virtual not in opposition to “reality” but as somehow attached to it—stemming from, dependent upon, and capable of changing the “real world.”  Perhaps we can think of the virtual the way Marcel Proust described memory: “real but not actual, ideal but not abstract.”  In this course we will explore the different ways in which the virtual and the real interact, oppose, and constitute one another through a variety of disciplines and media.  From fiction and architecture, to philosophy and video games, we will examine the ways in which (for better or for worse) our virtual selves increasingly determine who we are. (3 credits)

This course satisfies the Writing 2 requirement.