From traditional to experimental, students who graduated from the Textiles Program went on to explore their creative vision through a variety of career paths from fine arts practice to the design arena.

Many have continued on to graduate school while others have taken internships, won positions in design companies, became involved in community-based art organizations, or developed entrepreneurial projects.

Though the Textiles Program at CCA is one of the premier fine arts oriented fiber programs in the county, the curriculum is designed to prepare students for a multitude of professional trajectories.

The following Textiles alumni invite you to visit their websites to review their current work, see what projects or events are coming up, read about past accomplishments, and learn how CCA shaped their vision as artists.


Selected websites

Jay Trolinger 2015

Meredith Brion 2014

​Jamie Manyne 2013

Margarita Herrera 2013

Corrina Fielden 2013

Sierra Reading 2012

Marisa de la Peña 2012

Rachel Blodget 2011

Rachel Burnstein 2011

Lee Maida 2010

Alexandra Milukhin 2009

Morgan Bajardi 2009

Galina Yakovenko 2008

Katrina Zerelli 2008

Amanda Beane 2006

Kelly Barry 2003

Ruth Tabancay 2000

Katherine Karnaky 2000

Mingwei Lee 1993

Kaibrina Buck 1999

Tracy Krumm 1987


Selected websites

Margo Wolowiec 2013

Tali Weinberg 2013

Dalia Anani 2013

Meghan Urback 2012

Kate Nartker 2012

Bean Gilsdorf 2011

Julia Goodman 2009

Amy Keefer 2009

Travis Meinolf 2008

Lauren Parent 2008

Robin Johnston 2007

Ali Naschke-Messing 2007

Lacey Jane Roberts 2007

Christy Matson 2005

Sarah Wagner 2005

Mung Lar Lam 2005

Angela Hennessy 2005

Sasha Duerr 2003

Stacy Speyer 2002

Anna Von Mertens 2000

Kate Pocrass 2000

Lisa Kokin 1991

Tracy Krumm 1987

Cathy Bolding 1980

Emily DuBois 1980

Anne Wilson 1976

Jane Lackey 1974